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Friday, February 17, 2012

How Would You Like To Help Terri Hardin Create A Masterpiece?

For Immediate Release
Imagine for a moment that you had the talent and time to do detailed sculpture of any Disney character. Which one would it be? What would it be doing? Now imagine that a well known artist would be willing to do the sculpting for you. You can stop imagining because Terri Hardin is planning to start a new line of Disney sculptures and she wants your help deciding what to create. She does not want to just redo images that have already been done, you know, the same characters in the same poses. Terri is looking to do characters that haven’t been sculpted before as well as those that have. The key is to have them in poses that have not been done, poses that show the true character, the very essence of what makes that character special.

This is the blue sky phase of the project, so let your imagination soar. What would you buy if it only was available? Why would you prefer it over something that has already been done? These will be extremely limited editions. That allows for some customization. Would you want that option? If so, what would your dream sculpture have that could be customized? The more details you can provide, the better your chance of seeing your idea come life.

Terri already has a few ideas for characters but they need more details if they are going to come to life. She is considering doing the Fairy Godmother, Jiminy Cricket and the Headless Horseman but does not know what pose will give them the WOW factor she is wanting.

Send your ideas to Terri at: tiggerterri@gmail.com

Oh, if you submit your ideas and one of them is selected, you will receive an autographed picture of Terri with the finished piece.

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