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Friday, January 27, 2012

Garner Holt Productions Make Generous Donation to Ryman Arts

The Disneyana Fan Club’s visit to Garner Holt Productions, a special ticketed event in conjunction with the DFC’s 2011 Disneyanamania Convention, had an especially Disneyesque happy ending. Mr. Holt graciously offered to reimburse all the visit expenses (exclusive of the transportation costs) in the form of a donation to Ryman Arts, the DFC’s primary West Coast charity.

The approximately 90-minute visit on July 12, 2011 was personally led by Mr. Holt. Afterward, there was a catered luncheon with a specially decorated cake for dessert. Also attending the luncheon were five former Disney Imagineers; they are now employed by Garner Holt and were happy to answer questions.

In an informal ceremony at the DFC’s Show and Sale on Sunday, January 15, 2012 at the Crowne Plaza Resort Hotel in Garden Grove, CA, Mr. Holt fulfilled his promise by presenting a check for $1316 to Michelle Lee, Development and Communications Manager at Ryman Arts.

Garner Holt Productions is a world leader in creating animatronics, show actions systems, interactive exhibits, and special effects for entertainment companies and theme parks around the globe. (www.garnerholt.com) The Walt Disney Company is a major client.

Ryman Arts continues the work of legendary artist Herbert Dickens Ryman (1910-1989). Herb Ryman is best known for drawing the original concept for Disneyland for Walt Disney in 1954. Herb strongly believed in supporting young artists and teaching them the fundamentals of drawing. Ryman Arts supports his legacy of artistic accomplishment with a program that is completely free, with participants selected solely on the basis of ability and commitment. The program has become highly competitive and has graduated more than 2500 students. (www.ryman.org) The Disneyana Fan Club is proud to support Ryman Arts as one of its favored charities.

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