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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Disneyana Exchange

What is the Disneyana Exchange?

Simply stated, The Disneyana Exchange Service is a secondary market art brokerage, focusing on the art of the Walt Disney Company. The Exchange started business in 1988, but wasn't known as the Disneyana Exchange until June 1993. The Exchange was founded by Disney collectors who wanted to be able to provide a service where buyer and seller are brought together for rare and hard-to-find Disney collectibles. Since its inception, the Internet and online auction sites like Ebay have revolutionized the buying and selling of collectibles. However, within the Disney collectibles industry, similar problems still remain: 1) How do you know what you are buying? ; 2) How do you guarantee the quality and authenticity of a product? ; and 3) Where do you go when there are no listings online? The Disneyana Exchange provides the family-run service and expertise that cannot be found elsewhere. The Exchange prides itself on linking buyer and seller for high-end Disneyana collectibles and inspects each piece for its quality and authenticity.

To find out more about the Disneyana Exchange, please visit www.disneyanaexchange.com

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