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Saturday, July 10, 2010

New Website and the Online FLEX

Hello everyone,

It's great to be blogging you from our new online home! We have some exciting things happening - the new website, this new version of the Disneyana Dispatch, and of course, our upcoming DisneyanaMania Convention - but I want to take a moment to talk about online access to the Fantasyline Express.

I want to thank everyone for their patience over the past few months as we've dealt with some issues in the production and online posting of the FLEX. Now that disneyanafanclub.org has gone live, all of you folks who elected to receive the FLEX online will have easy access to the current and past issues of the newsletter as registered as a club member on the website.

If you're already registered as a member on disneyanafanclub.org, just log in and then click on the "Fantasyline-Express" link under the "Members" tab, then scroll down the page page the FLEX logo; you'll see a list of all available issues. Click on the title of the issue you'd like to see and you'll be taken to the web page for that issue; once you're there, click on the title highlighted in blue and you'll automatically download the issue.

Club members will have access to the most recent issue (currently April/May; the next issue, June/July, will be coming soon) and all back issues of the FLEX through August 2007. We'll be adding more back issues as soon as we can, and we'll notify you by e-mail, on the Disneyana Fan Club page on Facebook, and here in the Disneyana Dispatch when a new issue or additional back issues have been posted.

If you haven't registered yet on disneyanafanclub.org, please do! It's a quick, two-step process, and once you're registered and we've confirmed your membership, you'll have access to all sorts of great information. If you're having a little trouble getting registered as a member, we'll be posting instructions on how to register here in the Dispatch shortly.

If you have any questions, please e-mail me at editor@disneyanafanclub.org. I'll talk to you again soon!

Paul Schnebelen
Disneyana Fan Club Fantasyline Express

1 comment:

  1. Very nice guys!! I love the new site and especially the blog. It may seem like more work than the FLEX (it is ;)... However, I think that with eventual "live" updates of stories and events, and user comments and member PHOTOS and stories of events, the FLEX may become unnecessary. An up to date NEWS and BLOG site provides much more interesting and timely content... Possibly even which it happens! Member video and photos of the Convention next week would be a great start, Then we can also get immediate feedback on every meal and every seminar through POLLS on the new site.
    This is exciting and I think it will work MUCH better for the club. 8):-)

    Dan Bejma
    'Unofficial' NFFC Photographer and occasional Submitter of Creative Journalistic Content. ;-)