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Friday, July 9, 2010

DisneyMania Convention Calendar Available at DisneyanaFanClub.org

Hey Gang!

The DisneyanaMania Convention Schedule for 2010 is now downloadable onto your iCal program, at disneyanafanclub.org (just see the Calendar at the bottom of the home page. There's a little Calendar icon underneath it- click that). I just finished adjusting the times for the events to reflect Pacific Standard Time (for those planning to attend the Convention!)

Thank you.

- David Ransom, Webmaster


  1. It would be nice to post the schedule several months in advance, so attendees can plan their activities. I would like to suggest that the schedule be posted in MS Word, so attendees can customize their own schedule. Also, I could not read the COLORFUL tentative schedule that was posted on the website, nor could I enlarge it so it was legible and readable. Could you just post it in black and white in large font, like arial black 14?

  2. A tentative schedule was posted on the old website at least 2 months in advance. Some things do change as we get closer to the Convention dates.

    I will take it under advisement for also including an MS Word document for scheduling. Thanks for the feedback!

  3. What's the cost to attend JUST the sale for Convention Attendees, Members and Non-members?

  4. Tickets for the All Disneyana Show and Sale are $5 per person for all Members and $6 for the general public.