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Monday, April 2, 2012

How To Start A Chapter with Disneyana Fan Club - Application Form

There are four simple steps to creating your own local DFC chapter in your community. It’s really easy, so start planning your own Disneyana meetings today as a part of the Disneyana Fan Club. Use this Application Form and follow the steps below:

1. Gather up 5 or more of your favorite local Disneyana fans.
a. (Nominate one as president to coordinate with the national DFC chapter for updated Disneyana news and information for your chapter.)
2. Gather national dues per family of: $29.00 US - $35.00 Canada - $45.00 all other countries
a. Your local chapter can decide if you want to have local dues or not (This would be for local event expenses, etc.)
3. Send one member’s name to the national DFC to be named “Chapter Member of the year”
which will be honored at the national DFC convention in July in California.

That is all you have to do to get started. Just send the information below and your application now to start making Disneyana magic in your local community. Our VP of Chapters will review the application and contact you with more information.

And don’t forget to join the rest of the Disneyana Fan Club fans at our annual DisneyanaMania Convention in Anaheim, California.
As part of being a DFC Official Chapter, your meeting times, place etc, can be placed on our website by emailing webmaster@disneyanafanclub.org.

Plus, each member will receive the National DFC newsletter, be in contact with the rest of the DFC network of members and chapters to assist in ideas, and have access to register for special events.

Member Names:__________________________________,_________________________________________,

Member Names:__________________________________,_________________________________________,

Member Names:__________________________________,__________________________________________


New DFC Chapter Name:


Telephone #:


For each member please complete a Membership Form which is available to download here (add link)

Mail this form and your payments to:

Disneyana Fan Club
P.O. Box 19212
Irvine, CA 92623-9212

Questions, please call (714) 731-4705 or email chapters@disneyanafanclub.org

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