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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

President's Message - Summer 2011

Last year, Louis Boish, a founding member and Past President of the Club, proposed the idea of establishing a separate charitable organization to help us further the goals of preserving the rich Disney legacy.

The Disneyana Fan Club Foundation has become chartered by the California Secretary of State and is moving forward with the process of becoming approved by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. It should be operational in 2012.

The Foundation will operate as a separate independent corporation, but the Club will work with the Foundation to sponsor events and otherwise further our mutual interests.

A Board of Trustees will be selected to govern the Foundation, to be comprised of individuals who have experience in such matters and who share our goals and aspirations as set forth in the Club Bylaws.

While there are innumerable foundations in this country, this will be the only one to focus on furthering the message of Disneyana enthusiasts.

For example, if the Foundation sponsors an event, such as our Ryman Arts Collectors Brunch or Give Kids the World Charity Dinner, the cost becomes tax deductible to our members.

Donations to the Foundation can be earmarked for a specific charity or for scholarship. We could actually contribute to the cost of providing an art education to a future Disney animator. And the Foundation could also serve as an estate planning repository for disneyana collections of our members.

Ted Bradpiece from our Chapter at the Park, has volunteered to help with the creation process of the Foundation. If any member of the Club is interested in helping set up the Foundation or suggesting a name for one of the charter trustees, please email tgbradpiece@earthlink.com.

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